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the Dream & Story of the Innocent-Storyteller

(and Orphan, Victim, Mother-Patient)

Winter Semester, 2022
Thursdays, February 10 to March 31.

“Coming from the unknown, the child arrives on Earth.

Giving her a name, her parents call her their child,

but in the beginning, she is more a child of the oneness of creation

than of the world of duality.

She doesn’t yet recognize herself asI.”

Kurt Korteweg, Each Year of Life

If you learned to suppress spontaneous expressions of innocence or have felt dismayed or betrayed by trusting too much, you are not alone. You may trust the loss of innocence, or you may be struggling to reclaim lost innocence, trust, and spontaneity. Your relationship with the Innocent-within-you directly influences how accepting or judgmental you can be when working with a Storyteller-in-Innocence, or with one whose innocence and trust have been sent to the underworld. Birth story sessions that feel like walking a tightrope between extremes of optimism and denial of worry, between fantasy and catastrophic thinking. Your creative tasks may be to coax the Innocent out, to help balance the Passive Innocent with a little more Active qualities.

In the first two weeks of Winter Semester, become Mentor-Wise

as you know how to listen, what to listen for, and ways to balance the Storyteller’s Innocent.

What you will learn about the Innocent Storyteller in Winter Semester:

We begin life in pure innocence and trust, and we begin this course by understanding the developmental phase of innocence and trust in childhood. Our first instinct and need were to trust others to care for us, so the first thing we learned was love—through being fed, held, warmed, and soothed. The next phase corrupted pure innocence and trust and our instincts to some degree, and it shaped the way individuals express their Innocent.

You will learn to appreciate and:

• Identify the expressions and shadow of the Innocent.

• Know this part in yourself.

• Distinguish between the Passive, Balanced, and Active Innocent.

• Predict and identify behaviors, beliefs, and relational dynamics when the Innocent “pairs with” other parts of ourselves or our Storyteller, e.g., the Victim and Innocent

• Understand how the Innocent learns (or refuses to learn), and their way of knowing.

• The tasks of preparation, ordeal, and return for the Innocent on their heroic journey.

• Understand the relationship between motivation, expectations, and fantasies.

• How the Innocent dreams birth and her birth story.

• Tips for guiding an Innocent through her birth story.

• Learn metaphors and myths that support the Innocent's tasks of learning (Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan.)


Thursdays, February 10 to March 8, 2022

9:00 to 10:30 am PST

with Pam England

We will spend two weeks on each: Innocent, Orphan, Magician, Mother-Patient

Register now. $250. Go to PayPal.

You will receive a confirmation letter, zoom invite and reading materials.

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