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For the first time, Pam England of BIRTH STORY MEDICINE's Birth Story School is welcoming all birth-related professionals, including everyone already enrolled in the Birth Story School, to register for Winter Semester 2022.

During this eight-week course, you will learn to:

  • Listen to stories from your inner-Magician / Mentor. When you are in your Magician, you might say, "magic" or healing can happen during a birth story-listening.

  • Tune your ear to hear Who is telling the story.

  • Recognize five archetypal voices of Storytellers: Innocent, Orphan, Victim, Mother, and Patient.

  • Respond to what each archetype seeks: understanding, restitution, or resolution.

There are several ways to listen to a birth story. First, many people listen only to the content, the detailed account of what happened. Some people listen passively, trying to be polite and attentive but not knowing how to respond. Another way of listening is with the Ear in the Heart: listening to the feeling laced between the words. Finally, most engage in dual-listening, which means half-listening to the storyteller recounting what happened and half-listening to the story we tell ourselves about the storyteller and what happened.

Pam England will be sharing chapters from her new book (a work in progress), The Archetypes of Birth & the Birth Story. Through live teaching sessions and Mentor Be Wise exercises, she will inspire you to discover the power of knowing Who is Telling the Story. As always, Pam will blend personal and spiritual growth with professional development, mix in myths and case studies, and draw from great thinkers and authors.

Pam England welcomes you to spend some of your wintering days at the Birth Story School.

Register Now: Dates: February 10 through March 31, 2022.

Live Calls: Demonstration, Dialogues & Practice for 8 Tuesdays 9:00 to 10:30 am PST.

Registration Deadline February 3.

Tuition: $250. Please pay on Paypal at

You will receive your zoom invite and first lesson and readings.

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