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Birth Story Summer School


Recently, we announced our new Three-Part Birth Story Medicine course (that is replacing the former two-part course).

This summer I am making the revised Part II and Part III available to students who were enrolled in Part II any time in 2018-2019 but didn’t get the “green light” and now want to refresh, review, and get certified.

Until now, Birth Story Listening did not offer certification.

However, we will begin Certifying qualified Birth Story Mentors.

Many of you have been wanting this for a long time.

Please be patient. One thing at a time. In a separate announcement, you will learn how former and new students can earn certification.

But this week, I am focusing on enrolling Summer School students.

We Listened. For some time students have been giving us feedback that the former six-week Part II offered so much new information, they felt there was not enough time to absorb the new philosophy and practice new techniques. They often understood the logic, but there was not enough time for integration. We deliberated about how to solve this problem and teach the course more skillfully. During the last three months extensive time, thought , and heart went into restructuring the Birth Story Medicine course to ensure that our students have a satisfying learning experience that is paced in such a way that they gain confidence and competence by completing the course.

If you are one of the former students who needed a little more time in 2018-2019 courses to absorb the Birth Story Medicine Process, this seven-week Summer School is a wonderful opportunity for you to review the material and preview the new course, and if you demonstrate competency, you will be among the first to get certified.

(If you want to refresh and review and experience the new Part II and Part III, but were enrolled prior to 2018, more courses are coming that you can register for. Details about course dates and registration will follow in a separate announcement.)


PART II: BECOME A BIRTH STORY TRACKER: Learn how to track a story.

Thursdays, July 11, 18, 25 and August 1, 2019 Live calls: 5 pm to 6 pm PST

PART III: THE MEDICINE BRIDGE: Crossing to compassion

Thursdays, August 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2019 Live Calls: 5 pm to 6 pm PST

*Note: Part III will be five weeks long for beginners who register in October and thereafter, however in Summer School, it will be a four-week review (including one recording).


Many years ago, I read The Tracker by Tom Brown, Jr., in which he described

his vocation beginning with his apprenticeship with an old Apache tracker, Stalking Wolf. Captivated by his life-long training and extraordinary attention to detail, the Tracker-within me as a birth story listener was awakened. --Pam

In Part II of Birth Story Medicine, you will experience the vast difference between “tracking” a birth story and passively listening and meandering through one. In four weeks, you will develop your knowledge of the following story-tracking skills through practice: Becoming still; Hearing with all your senses; Knowing what you are listening for; Which stones to turn over; How to keep the Story Pony in the corral; When to keep going and when to pause and listen more deeply. From the moment a story-teller calls you, you will begin following a trail backwards to discover the mystery of the emotional conflict which will ultimately lead to the story-teller’s recovery of peace of mind and self-compassion.

Five Ways to Learn at Home for Four Weeks

Each week, you will:

  1. Gain access to thein-depth modules on our online learning platform

  2. Listen to pre-recorded lessons presented by facilitators

  3. Study segments of birth story sessions to hear what works and what doesn’t

  4. Receive constructive feedback on your homework on the interactive Forum

  5. Participate in a live consultation call with your facilitator and small group of six peers

The new website is not quite ready to launch and take registrations, but registration needs to begin now. (Truly sorry about the short notice but I wanted to be organized before announcing.)


Online course Opens on July 11.


To Register for Part II: Birth Story Tracker go to PayPal: non-refundable $65 tuition includes your “summer camp t-shirt”: Indicate your size S-M-L-XL.

Include your mailing address

Part III: The Medicine Bridge COURSE DESCRIPTION

In Part Three of Birth Story Medicine, you will review how to build a Medicine Bridge with your client so by the end of the session, they are well on their way or have crossed to self-compassion.

Deadline for Registration is August 1. Enrollment may be limited.

To Register for Part III: Medicine Bridge go to PayPal: non-refundable $85 tuition includes feedback on one recording. (T-shirt and batteries not included)

All of the Birth Story Medicine Facilitators are striving for excellence in our offerings and are looking forward to launching our new course.