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Birth Story Medicine and Peace of Mind

June 23, 2019

In striving for excellence in being and doing our vocation,

as Birth Story Mentors, we are:

Changing the stories of birth in our culture by

preventing, minimizing, and resolving emotional birth trauma


Experience the Benefits of a Birth Story Medicine Session


The peace of mind that follows a profound change of heart and mind and the gratifying sense of fulfillment that will come from finishing your heroic journey and coming “home” to yourself.


Envision The Satisfaction You’ll Experience as a Birth Story M­­­entor


Instead of not knowing quite what to say and feeling powerless when hearing birth stories, imagine how good it will feel when, as you embody the Birth Story Medicine philosophy, “map,” and your confidence grows, you know how to help birth story-tellers transform feelings and beliefs of failure, guilt, or betrayal into new understanding and self-acceptance. What will amaze you is how quickly this can be done in most cases. It’s a satisfying feeling to know you will be an integral part of the change you want to see in birth in our culture.


With the lauch of our new BirthStoryMedicine.com website

in July 2019

it will be easy to


Make an appointment with your Birth Story Mentor


or Register for a Birth Story Mentor Course





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