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Birth Story! A Brand New Website to Launch in July 2019

Birth Story Medicine® is finally going to have its own home website. The “Open House” will be in early July. We are putting the final touches in all the “rooms.” For the past eight years or so, Birth Story classes have previously been promoted or offered on and

Birth Story Medicine® refers to the process or “map” that has been ever so gradually developed over some 30 years by synthesizing the experience, knowledge, and genius of many brilliant authors, trainings, and teachers that have influenced me—as well as my own observations and revisions of what worked best in sessions, both those of my own and my students. In the past year, the new facilitators have also contributed revisions.

When I first began teaching how to listen to a birth story in workshops and then online, the course was called Birth Story Listening. But since everyone and anyone can listen to a birth story in various ways, we decided it didn’t capture the element that makes our work unique, and that is the “medicine.” So, now the philosophy, process, and courses will be referred to as Birth Story Medicine. And, instead of continuing to call students or practitioners “listeners” (because anyone and every is at some point a birth story listener), we will now refer to people who listen deeply and follow our “map,” birth story mentors. However, to avoid confusion for new visitors to the site and our work, you will notice we do use the word "listener."

The website has a clean spacious look and feel, and is easy to navigate

There are two tracks on

1. Learn to Listen takes visitors who want to become a birth story mentor to the courses, trainings, and consultations

2. Choose Your Listener tells visitors how to find a Birth Story Mentor and make an appointment

More News. . . tomorrow!


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