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Storytelling Year Second Quarter

During our First Quarter of Storytelling 2019, we immersed ourselves in some of the oldest stories in the world: Beautiful, poetic Creation Myths and Cosmic Egg stories; The great and haunting myth of Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and Shamash (Sumerian); Then off to ancient Greece!: Plato's Myth of Er which made us all consider the weaving of fate and destiny in our own lives--one of the oldest philosophical or spiritual queries! Into the Cretian maze with Theseus and the Minataur, a story of initiation, love, and the importance of having a clew.....We whirled with Rumi in Persia, learning the passionate union with Shams.... and Finally, a Legend from the Hopi of the Southwest, one of my favorites, the Legend of Spider Woman... at once a heroic journey taking us into layers of the underworld and a mystical teaching.

Not surprisingly, I received feedback that while all the stories and symbols, and touching on the Masculine Feminine polarities in the great stories was exciting, that perhaps there were too many stories to digest! Taking that feedback to heart, during the Second Quarter, we'll feast on one great story each month with guiding questions. We'll be focusing more on the Art of Storytelling and making Story Mandalas.



In early April, I'll send a recording and study guide for Psyche and Eros. Truly a great heroic story, awakening the Lover. Learn the symbolic teachings from the Four Tasks of Psyche. During the month of April, you can read, study, and tell this myth, and connect anytime with me and fellow story lovers on the Forum. After you've had a month to learn this story in depth, we'll meet on a live call in May 5th, a Sunday evening to talk about it.

May: His-Stories of Obstetrics and Midwifery. Turn back pages of history to gain insight about "how we got here." Did you know that by referencing a wee bit of history or sharing eyebrow raising anecdotes, your clients step back and see what is happening now from a broad perspective and understanding? We'll gather to talk about this on our June 2nd Evening Call, but stay tuned to lively postings on the Forum all month!

June: Fabulous Fairy Tales and Folk Tales (not just for bedtime stories!). The origin, purpose and traditions of fairy tales and folk tales from around the world, including African-American slave folk tales. And, we'll meet on a live call in July.

REGISTER NOW! And you'll get access to the Forum, recordings, story guides and a chance to visit with other storytellers and story lovers.

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