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Paint and Listen to Your Soul-ful Images

My dear friend John gifted me a “For the Love of Frida” 2019 Calendar. Every month when I turn the page and see a different contemporary artist’s unique folk art portrait painting of Frida and read the creative musings of Angi Sullins, I’ll be reminded to continue finding my inner Frida! Sullins reminded us that Frida was a revolutionary, so for the month of January,she goaded us to: “START A REVOLUTION.”

”… Be the revolution you want to see in the world.”

Frida’s style of painting was authentically personal. When she went on tour for the first time in Europe in 1938, people asked, Was her style Mexican folk art? Was it surrealism? Frida answered,

“I paint my own reality.”

Our Birth Art Process shows you how to help

parents paint their reality.

Many women have told me about how they painstakingly wrote their fantasy birth plan and listened to positive affirmations to quell their worries and shore up their confidence—but many never really believed the optimistic affirmations they were told or told themselves. We are praised for being positive” and trained to be objective when writing; it’s easy to censor or polish our written words. However, felt-images come from soul, not the mind; they mirror the mind and heart showing us what’s inside. Invite the feelings, insights, questions, and knowing that come up while making paintings, drawings, or clay sculptures to be your inner-teacher, or your inner-compass.

This Birth Art Process helps us to turn our attention inward,

listen within, see what we have not yet seen,

and to paint the truth of what is coming up for us.

Birth Art is Medicine.

Announcing Upcoming Birth Art Course:

Birthing From Within’s Experiential


with Nikki Shaheed

Wednesdays, April 3 through May 1, 2019

10 am PST

Register online at

You will learn

A variety of birth art assignments

How to choose and present birth art assignments

What each art medium offers

How to set up the space

How to lead a dialogue that allows art making to become

a stepping stone

to Action or Solution or Peace of Mind



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