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Labyrinths, hand-made

Hi Everyone,

I did not feel well in December and had a hard time concentrating, but making and glazing clay labyrinths was soothing. I wanted to share images of a few with you. I made the first one for a Navajo friend (in gray blue); it is called Man in the Maze designed by the Tohono O'odham Nation in Arizona. The round layers represent the womb, gestation, and emergence. The figure standing in the entrance represents the human seed entering the womb. The dark center suggests we journey from darkness to light, and our unloved dreams. My friend likes sea shells, so I decorated the border with small shells.

Turtle labyrinth reminds us to "go slow."

It was a joy to make Healing Bear for a loving and skilled group leader who helped me tap away the cloud of grief that followed me the last few years, and bring me into a state of gratitude and forgiveness. The seven stars, the Seven Sisters. Healing Bear carries the Food of Life (fish), three golden beads of honey for the sweetness in life, and sage in the pouch.

On New Year's Eve, I recalled how depleted I felt in body, mind, and spirit at the beginning of 2018, and am deeply grateful to begin 2019 feeling whole, worthy, at peace, and loved by so many.

My intentions for 2019 are to: finish writing Birth Story Medicine (website and book);

to stay as well as I can!; and in anticipation of 2020--which I think of as a year of perfect Seeing--in 2019 I will bring attention to practicing Whole-Seeing, knowing that I how I see the World and Others is merely a reflection of my mind and dreaming.

Happy New Year to you!


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