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The Four Corners of Chakana Mandala

Chakana Mandala is almost complete. Last week I worked on the four corners. The lower right corner is an illustration of a story about Frog who was preparing to cross a river when Scorpion began to plead for a favor: "I can't cross the river myself. Please, take me across the river on your back." Frog instinctively said, "No, you will sting me, then we will both drown." But Scorpion wanted a free ride and persisted, "I promise I won't sting you if you carry me across the river. I promise. I promise!" The sweet voice of Scorpion pleading and promising persuaded Frog to go against her instinct and better judgment; she agreed to carry Scorpion across the water. In the middle of the river, Scorpion curled her tail and stung Frog. Frog felt the burning pain of betrayal and exclaimed, "Why did you sting me? You promised you would not! Now we will both die!" Scorpion's last words were, "It is just my nature to sting."

While painting Chakana during the last five months, I also painted "Thorny Heart" (and shared it on Facebook). Painting this felt-image, and then painting it again in the lower left corner Chakana expressed a longing for the thorns to be lifted off my heart, and a turning point, a prayer which was answered in a most unexpected, inexplicable experience. I tried to capture that healing experience in the upper right corner. I hesitate to write about it here because I am not sure I can convey or explain the spontaneous visceral experience. The heart is burning, it is on fire; exquisitely painful. During the burning I saw and "felt" a circular opening on the right side of my chest; it was warm, a soothing sensation and the opening was filled with light--this lasted for days. The green represents chakra energy flowing where it had been blocked.

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