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Thank you Monica!

As an activist, Monica Lewinsky had given a speech against social media bullying and was about to give a 15-minute follow up to that topic on Hadashot News in Israel when she abruptly walked off stage during a live interview. Here’s what happened: Before this interview, the interviewer, Yonit Levi of Hadashot News, agreed not to ask about Bill Clinton. And yet, Levi began the interview by asking Lewinsky “whether she still expected a personal, private apology from Clinton regarding their affair in the 1990s when she was a White House intern,” disregarding their "clear parameters" about what would be discussed and what would not.

Monica immediately said, "I'm so sorry, I'm not going to be able to do this," put down her microphone and walked off stage, with a surprised Levi trailing behind her.

“I left because it is more important than ever for women

to stand up for themselves

and not allow others to control their narrative.”

Several times during the past two weeks, I have found myself suddenly inspired by the image of Monica standing up—for herself—and simply walking off stage without hesitation during a live interview. When I first saw this I said to myself, “I need to do more of that!”—instead of worrying about what people will think if I insist on keeping agreements or “walk off stage" instead of habitually being "polite," giving an answer just to keep the peace—then being mad at myself later. Each time I've dared to move a little more in this direction, I smile and say, “Thank you Monica!”

Veronica Stracqualursi, CNN, September 4, 2018, "Monica Lewinsky walks off stage when asked about Bill Clinton.

Monica on Ted Talks, March 2015 (over 13 million views)

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