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Welcome to Pam’s Art Studio This Week

Early this morning I felt like a caged bird (... a hummingbird can't survive in a cage). I focused my attention on painting Hummingbird and chanting the mantra "Amata." Painting a tiny bird with tiny brushes gave me ample time to contemplate Hummingbird's Medicine: enjoying the sweet nectar of life. The cage door in my mind and heart opened and my spirits gradually lifted.

Hummingbird Spirit reminds us to seek and sip the sweet nectar of life and to enjoy the lightness of being that comes with embracing the simple joys and miracles of life. The endurance of the smallest of all birds surpasses expectations (not all hummingbirds migrate, but those that do can migrate 2000 miles), and the hummingbird embodies seeing possibilities in the face of the impossible. When we personify the Spirit of Hummingbird, we fly solo (not in a flock) and are able to nimbly change direction. Hummingbird’s wings move in the direction of the infinity symbol, which allow her to glide forward and backward—and to hover—experiencing the power of stopping time.

"Amata," chanted A–MA–TA means nectar, beloved, and immortal; it is derived from the Sanskrit word Amritha.

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