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Chakana Mandala: Jaguar Spirit, Medicine of Integration

September 6, 2017

Welcome to Pam’s Art Studio This Week

Last week, I worked in the South: painting the Serpent symbolically helped me to shed emotional layers from the dead past. This week Jaguar leapt onto the canvas taking me on an inward journey West. West is where body and spirit part, explains Alberto Villolda, author of Dance of the Four Winds, “When one dies consciously, one leaves behind the vessel and identifies with that which the vessel holds.” Death can become the healer; when we learn how to “die,” we learn how to live, and Villolda says, “the person of power spends a whole life learning how to die.”

Jaguar she is capable of living between the upper and lower worlds, hunting over hundreds of miles, moving between land, caves, canyons, woods, desert, water, swamps, and treetops. She can sit in utter stillness in the top of a tree, conserving energy while patiently observing prey allowing her to overcome her prey in a single bound and strike with lightning speed.

Jaguar spirit works in the dark, she is able to walk through the shadows, through fear, hunting transformation in life and death. Jaguar people often feel they are on the outside of life looking-in because they are naturally attuned to the sacred. People embodying Jaguar are capable of patiently stalking the mind and watchful waiting. They take the solitary, visionary path, often retreating to a “cave” (e.g., solitude and silence) to do soul work; to face death; to open their inner-eye and cultivate their gift of visioning. Fearless, Jaguar walks through fear. Facing and working through chaotic life events helps people journeying through the West gain patience, clarity, and new seeing.

I’ve read that Hindu mandalas heavily decorated with Sanskrit mantras deepen the meditative power of the mandala. So I’m adding mantras in each direction. In the West I wrote “Hoka Hey: beneath the Jaguar. Hoka Hey was Lakota war cry is from the Lakota, it means “This is a good day to die,” it means to give one’s life for a cause without holding back, without regret.

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