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Chakana Mandala: Begin in the South

From Pam's Art Studio:

I like to paint when I wake up in the pre-dawn hours. When I do something that nourishes my soul, not only is it a lovely way to greet the sun as it comes up, it is also a prayer. This week I gradually and carefully squared the circle in the center (still needs a little tweaking). straightened lines, applied stronger color in the large spaces, and continued to work the white pathways, which takes me on an inner journey to a very quiet place within. I don't think or plan when I paint; I just paint. Sometimes it seems the brush in my hand paints--and I watch.

Just a reminder for those who are joining the painting-in-progress: mandalas tell a story through color, geometrical design, symbols and animals. Snakes represent death, regeneration, and transformation. Shedding emotional layers and negative energies of the past can be symbolized by the shedding of snake skin. While abiding in the South, we need to be as flexible as a Snake in mind and body.

This week I was given an unexpected Gift; a Medicine Ceremony. After the Ceremony, I painted in sweet sage and feather, the rattle that shook---out of every cell and crevice in my brain and body--what was no longer needed, shook it loose like sand through a burlap bag. A shaman in Peru told me once that we should do our own ceremony, often, even daily. But when our own Medicine is not strong enough, it helps to receive a Ceremony from someone who is stronger. The unmistakable power of this was another step--no a thrust forward--toward coming "home" to myself and abiding in self-compassion.

Now the South Gate feels complete. Next we'll visit the West Gate and Jaguar.

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