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Rich White Men Still Deciding for Women

This photo, and this executive order infuriates me. (I wanted to post it next to a classic painting from 1776 that excluded "ALL men--and women!") This federal ban will affect the health and well being, and survival, of 27 million women in the world, particularly women at risk and without means, and yet no women are represented. John, my boyfriend, observed that if they are genuinely, religiously, not in favor of abortion, then why not do more to prevent the need for having one.

I am thinking about the profound Christian teaching of doing unto others what you would have them do unto you. Because these men are privileged (and old!), the kind of risk they are putting countless unnamed women in could never touch the women in their own lives. If it could, would they be so eager and determined to be a part of this inhumane executive order. Women will die. Which means children will be orphaned; children born into extreme poverty will suffer terribly; powerless families will grieve--but this needless suffering will never touch these men.

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