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On the Threshold between the Old and New Nine-Year Cycle

In the wintery cusp between the final days of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 I retreated from the hectic, unyielding work-on-the-book pace that had enveloped my mind and life in 2015-2016; I answered a Call and went north to Taos, New Mexico for a few days to dream a new dream in a new place, in a mystical place; to rest—even briefly—in winter when the earth rests.

A bright, crackling New Year’s Eve bonfire gathered a small group under the cloud covered night sky. A woman spoke, thoughtfully reflecting on the special relevance of this night: “The ending of 2016 is the end of a nine-year cycle, and tomorrow is not just the beginning of a new year, it is the first day of a new nine-year cycle.”

Her announcement piqued my interest. In numerology, the number Nine does not measure the passage of time, but represents completion, reflection, and service. What year heralded the former nine-year cycle: it was 2008. What were you doing? What did you accomplished or complete during the cycle that was coming to a close? I did not have to think hard to recall 2008.

Beginning in 2008, and for seven to eight years, I was underwent an unrelenting physical ordeal, consumed by pain, confined to bed or home, living in uncertainty of whether I would recover. During that time, I devoted my attention to steadily researching, writing, and illustrating two books: Labyrinth of Birth and Ancient Map for Modern Birth, and painting mandalas. In the last two years, as my health gradually improved, I accelerated the pouring of my energies into finishing Ancient Map for Modern Birth (along with my dedicated editors, advisors, and the book’s designer). To say the least, when the book was finally finished in November, the daily work came to a screeching halt and I realized how tightly wound my body and mind had become. As I gazed into the warming fire I felt the waiting, the weight, worry, and fatigue of the former cycle burning away.

Upon completion of your nine-year cycle, are you feeling a shift in psyche as well as in your motivations and daily rhythms? Are you hearing a Call from the Great Below to take time to reflect and to harvest the seeds of previous efforts, learning, and perhaps forgotten seeds? These are timely Tasks of Transition, part of an annual, inner winter ritual of the Huntress and Love Warrior. A long run-on sentence eventually needs a period to end it; it wants to exhale in the double space before starting a new paragraph. In this exceptional time, words, nature, and you, the human dreamer are called to pause, to reflect, to dream a new dream.

As you embark on your first year of a new nine-year cycle, know that in your dreaming and praying—which is manifested in everything you say and do—you are planting your harvested soul-seeds, dream-seeds, seeds-of-service—and perhaps a dormant seed waiting for this very time to germinate. Watered by your intention and attention, patience and determination, and the aid of allies and other dreamers, your New Year seeds will grow and bear fruit. Soul fruit is not fast food!

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