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SEVEN GATES MEDIA is an independent, multi-media publishing company established by Pam England in 2016 to publish her works: Ancient Map for Modern Birth,  Field Guide for Fathers, Birth Story Medicine, audio-recordings, and archival birth art prints.


This publishing company's vision is to produce media, writings, and art that inspires and guides rites of passage. The name and mark, SEVEN GATES MEDIA, is inspired by the epic Sumerian myth of Inanna's heroic journey into the underworld. SEVEN GATES offers an invitation to cross new thresholds by invoking the powerful questions of self-inquiry: "Who are you? Why has your heart led you to this Place?", among others.

Thinking Ahead

SEVEN GATES MEDIA plans to provide: 

  •  Uplifting workshop

  • Audio-visual learning aids

  • Consultations for aspiring birth-related authors 

  • Nurturing creative expression in up-and-coming authors through consultations 

  • Mutually beneficial partnerships in progressive social change projects