It's Time!!

Birth Story Listening


a four-week distance course with

Nikki Shaheed, BSL and BFW Mentor

June 8th-29th, Fridays 10:30-11:45 am PST 

If you are feeling a bit rusty when you lead a birth story session,

or you want to review the BSL course you took a few years ago,

or you want to join us on the Power Journey to Ghost Ranch--

but it's been a few years since you took the course--


                         This Refresher is perfect for You! 

Our course uses the platform Zoom so you can watch

pre-recorded lessons and participate in live-consultation/classes.

As you experience the what's new and review, here's what you will gain:


  • Renew your inspiration for the work and the difference you can make in a brief conversation.

  • Troubleshoot and personal support to practice any part of the process that eludes you.

  • A thorough review of the internal dialogue and conflict (formerly called Mitote, now called Kintsugi).

  • Seeing the map (colorfully designed by Nikki), presented in logical sequence to help you remember a pathway from problem to solution.

  • Increased confidence in your empathic communication skills when talking with someone distraught, grieving, or confused about their birth experience.

  • A review of our familiar and new terms, metaphors, and stops on the Birth Story Train.

  • Hear or participate in live role plays to enrich your understanding of how to lead each step.

  • Personal, constructive feedback on one recording of a birth story session you lead.

During this four-week refresher, you will receive pre-recorded lessons to listen to at your liesure, or as many times as you like. Once a week you will participate in a live call led by master birth story listener, Nikki Shaheed.

During your live-consultation, your questions will be answered, and you will learn through case studies, and live role play. During the third week you will submit an audio recording for personal and constructive feedback by Nikki, and on the fourth and final live-call, you can continue your consultation.

This course is $235. Register here:

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