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Prevention Begins with Good Nutrition

When you eat well, you are nourishing your uterus, baby, and placenta. As your baby grows, so does your placenta. So a balanced diet with adequate protein, calories, and other nutrients can prevent:  Low birth weight; Preeclampsia; and Placental insufficiency and decreased amniotic fluid.


There is a growing body of research to show that what a mother eats in pregnancy is programming her baby’s metabolism for life. This means that when a mother eats an empty or low calorie diet, or excessive sugar and junk food, her baby is developing a life-long predisposition to obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and heart disease—before s/he is born. 


Nutritional counseling is rarely a part of prenatal care in doctors’  or midwives’ clinics. Read chapter 10 In Ancient Map for Modern Birth, and call for a brief consultation.

A 15-minute check-up for $15;

A 30-minute check up/class for $25.




Prenatal Diet Check-Up/Mini Class