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Tap into your power, magic, and empathy

How does a Power Journey differ from a workshop? There is no comparison. Workshops may rely on Power Point, but power journeys take place in sacred or enchanted places like Ghost Ranch. While walking in beauty, new insights and knowing seem to spontaneously infuse the mind and soul; empathy for yourself and humanity seeps in effortlessly. Grand rock formations, the wide bright blue skies, and golden cottonwoods of autumn become vivid, painterly metaphors from which to build your Medicine Bridges. Beyond learning theory and techniques, you take your own stories on a journey as you embody the work through practice, personal reflection, and ceremony.

There is no end to what we can explore and create together, while growing and nurturing our birth story-listening community. Retreat into the enchantment of New Mexico as you practice the art of storytelling and advanced skills.


Imagine: a birth story listener in every community.       

Registration  Package:

    Includes tuition, lodging, meals, hiking, and stargazing.

    Early Birds:  

    Late Birds:    

 You are lovingly Invited to join Pam England, Nikki Shaheed, and a small group of dedicated Birth Story Listeners on a four-day Power Journey for Birth Story Medicine.

Only one prerequisite:

You've completed BSL II in the last three years. If it has been longer, and you are called to this journey, take a refresher with Nikki to ensure you are current with our evolving process. Contact Nikki at nicoleshaheed@gmail.com


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