Pam England
 Birth Story Mentor 

Because birth is a rite of passage, there is at least one unexpected moment, a turning moment, during the ordeal. It is an inevitable, unavoidable part of transformation and soulful initiation. For this reason, it is common for mothers, fathers, partners, and birth attendant to feel shocked, confused, betrayed, ashamed, or powerless for a while. If tincture of time, trying to brush it off, or telling your story over and over has only provided temporary relief, consider making an appointment with me for a Birth Story Medicine session. 

During labor you crossed invisible thresholds (or were thrust across them). Each time this happened you entered new territory, the Unknown--that which was unknowable until you lived the rite of passage. Not only was a child born during your birth, but the Maiden within died so the Mother could be born. That's a profound transformation; the price is a "little ego death," e.g., the loss of innocence and trust, perhaps your birth dream or plan, and core beliefs and assumptions may have been shaken. If what I thought isn't true, or I was not who I thought I would be, then, Who Am I? 


Your Birth Story Medicine® session provides refuge during a guided personal-growth process that will bring insight, resolution, and healing. When there is a need to understand what may have happened in the body, birth place, or management, drawing from my background as a nurse-midwife, I may be able to help bring clarity. 


It was my long journey "home" after my own difficult labor, cesarean birth, and postpartum depression that prompted me to find a map to help others find their way "home," to return to self-worth, self-love, and compassion for self and everyone in our birth culture.


You may be amazed at what can change
in just one uplifting Birth Story session.

I offer private, individual, and confidential one-hour sessions to mothers, fathers/partners, and birth professionals. I rarely lead birth story sessions with couples because, although you were in the same room, in a way, you were not in the same labor/birth.  Each storyteller needs different Medicine.


We can meet by Skype, phone, or in person in Albuquerque where I live; and when I travel, you may also be able to schedule an in-person appointment.


My fee is a sliding scale from $60 to $110. When you call to make your appointment,  we'll negotiate the fee, then you can send a check or pay through paypal. 


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