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by Pam 

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Preparation, Passage, and Personal Growth 

for Your Childbearing Year


Pregnancy puts you on the threshold of a great rite of passage. To progress from “here” to “there” without getting lost, you will need a map. Like every modern woman, you already have access to the standard health consumer’s map showing you how to navigate routine obstetric care. However, negotiating the primordial hurdles and unforeseen challenges marking the inner terrain of childbearing requires the use of something different—an ancient universal map.


Gathering information is not enough. Wishful thinking is not a plan.  Ancient Map for Modern Birth, informative an uplifting, shows you how to:


  • Experience your childbearing year as a heroic journey

  • Prioritize peace of mind and physical health for you and your baby

  • Create personal rituals and ceremonies for spiritual well-being

  • Engage in an informed consent dialogue with birth attendants

  • Embrace uncertainty, the unknown, and loss of control


Whether or not this is your first pregnancy, whether you are birthing at a hospital or at home, Ancient Map for Modern Birth will guide you to an awareness that leads to the birth of both a child and a new self. It will also benefit everyone committed to supporting you from conception through your childbearing year. The model described in this book will change the way you see yourself as a woman and mother, how you prepare to give birth, how you think and feel about labor, and how you tell your birth story.

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Creating a Map, Meditations, and Rituals 

for Your Childbearing Year


This book is a joy to read, and popular among Pam's readers.

The labyrinth is an ancient, universal symbol representing our journey through life, ordeals, and transitions. As you turn the pages in this beautifully illustrated,145-page book, you will enjoy learning about labyrinths from around the world, how to draw or sculpt your own labyrinth for meditations, rituals and ceremonies during your childibearing year, or when you want to tap into your intuitive, calm mind.

BIRTHING FROM WITHIN: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation


This book was Pam's first. Published in 1998, for many years it was a beloved book and became a best-seller. However, some of the information is out of date. Pam's new book, Ancient Map for Modern Birth has current research and speaks in depth about the trends women are experiencing today: induction, cesarean, epidurals, perinatal mood disorders, and healing the birth story.

 A mentor posted quotes from Ancient Map on Facebook, and a midwife responded

"...the quotes are absolutely wonderful! 

It’s real and touches birth in a special sort of way, that is both guiding and leaving everything open, at the same time. 

As a support person I always debate before birth how much to prepare, and how much to stay open and accepting, and Pam succeeds there. It is not easy and she (and you) do it with flying colors. I love the acceptance and self-love that she directs us to. 

Truly inspiring. "

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Birthing from Within

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Ancient Map for Modern Birth